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It’s a Sign of the Apocalypse!

The Funny Times|http://www.funnytimes.com/cartoons_tag_result.php?tag=apocalypse

I recently learned that the word frequently translated “tribulation” in the Bible to convey horrible, terrible, catastrophic, apocalyptic prophecy actually comes from the Greek word that simply means “to press.” Learn more…

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Something is Going to Happen in Marrrrrrrrch!

I heard a famous, flamboyant name-it-claim-it preacher on TV declare to his listeners that if they gave generously, "something was going to happen in Marrrrrrrch!" Little did I know then just how right he was, (even though I'm not a name-it-claim it kind of gal AND I didn't donate anything). Find out what radically amazing thing happened to me last year beginning in March!

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My 2nd Grade Teacher (Almost) Ruined My Life!

Mrs. Hunter, my 2nd grade teacher, had it in for me. But it didn't stop there. She was just the beginning in a long line of people who caused so much pain and suffering for me that at times it felt like my life was ruined. Could the Mrs. Hunters in my life alter my destiny?? Find out more…

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Radiant Beauty from The Refiner’s Fire

Fire. As Christians, we are taught it is to be feared for it is the seal of doom. But is this always the case? I have found many fascinating perspectives in my studies of biblical fire in recent days…

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I’m Thankful For the Hard Things

I'm so thankful that in the past few years, God has enabled me to see the difficult, oppositional circumstances of life as an opportunity to develop into an overcomer. Of course, if I'm going to allow (welcome) God to put me in training as an overcomer, I'm going to have to be willing to have things come into my life that need to be overcome…

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Which Goat is the Worthy Sacrifice?

There is such a fine line between the things we cherish and the things we idolize, but which one is the acceptable offering "to God?" And how can we make sure the things we cherish do not become our idols?

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