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Evaluating the Virgin Birth (Part II)


Check out part 2 on why Jesus might just be more one of us…or we might just be more like him than we thought! Learn a little bit of history about legendary gods and demi gods, more about the virgin birth, and find out some critical mistranslations that could shed light on the real Jesus.

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Jesus, A Regular Joe? (Part I)


Imagine with me for a few paragraphs…what if. What if Jesus was a lot different than the story we have today—one that has morphed and enhanced over two millennia? What if, instead, Jesus was more of a regular guy—albeit certainly a guy with a unique anointing and mission? Would it necessarily change anything about his importance and crucial role in The Story for any of us? Get challenged today!

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No One Sees God…Or Me

It was hard finding God to pose with me for this picture but we worked it out.|

My atheist friend said something today in response to my blog that got me thinking (read more of his post). Is God really unseen in our world, or can we find tangible evidence of His expression? Is there a parallel we can draw from our own bodies? Let’s find out…

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Pastor Suggests, “Jesus Died for Nothing”


If Jesus’s death will ultimately benefit everyone, does that cheapen grace? Was his death for nothing? Come find out…

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Always Trust Really Smart People


Sometimes get criticized by some people for writing a book that takes on the views of many smart and scholarly folks down through centuries. Supposedly these smart folks KNOW the truth, and they have arrived at all we need to know to know everything. I don’t buy it, and neither should you….

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Handling the Contradictions with Humility


No matter what your particular belief flavor (assuming you are a Christian), there are holes and contradictions in your Bible if you take it at face value. For too long, we’ve dismissed legitimate questions—questions that demand thoughtful consideration. Read more…

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