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Maybe God is a Gay Black Woman


Someone posted on my FB wall this week, “If God is fair, He will show up someday as a Gay Black Woman.” I’ve been thinking all week about what this man meant by such a provocative statement, and I’ve come to terms with the powerful message behind his words…

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Long Live the Egyptian Revolution!

Tikkun Daily: "tekun–to mend, repair, and transform the world" |http://www.tikkun.org/tikkundaily/2011/02/11/the-egyptian-revolution/

This past January, a national revolution took place in literal Egypt. It was spearheaded and organized via a few young people and a Facebook account. Imagine a corrupt ruler overthrown and a whole country changed in a couple of weeks, all from information sharing on the Internet! Could this be a significant declaration in our day, announcing the move of the hand of God to further free us from our bonds of slavery? Read more…

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Raising Hell Book Review Part 2

Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 5.00.14 AM (2)

Read the rest of the Raising Hell book review today!

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Raising Hell Book Review Part 1

Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 4.53.45 AM (2)

Check out part 1 of this thought-provoking review of Raising Hell is by a woman I’ve never met from Orlando, Florida. She did an amazing job, including some of her own thought-provoking research, experiences, and thoughts as well. Read the review…

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The Word of the Day Century is Revolution


Never in history has there been the opportunities for change like we have today. There’s a sense of global dissatisfaction with injustice, discrimination, poverty, and oppression, and there are the tools in place to give the once silent majority a voice. I can’t help but think, in addition to the many protests and movements of day, that one more overturn is needed—the overturn of the biggest lie of religious history. You can practically hear it rumbling and whistling down the tracks of time. It’s the sound of a Revolution! Read more…

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White Stones Inside


I first noticed them in the surf while searching for sand dollars and sea agate—the most unusual, black and white stones. As I began to collect these unique stones, I marveled over the thought that, no matter how broken, marred, or misshapen our lives, we are being remade into beautiful white stones. Read more…

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