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Following Jesus: An Out of Boat Experience


In discussing my biblical views with some Christians—especially the one about God saving all—I’m always a little surprised how tightly they cling to every jot and tittle they’ve been taught in church (many of them not even biblical), as if their church (or they themselves) can’t be wrong about anything. Even when you suggest a way of interpreting Scripture that makes a heck of a lot more sense, people don’t want to believe that there is any chance they are wrong, so they don’t even listen to valid or reasonable points I might bring up. I’ve thought a lot about why it’s so hard look at things through new lenses or to question what you’ve been taught. What is it that makes people either too afraid or too stubborn to look at things from a new viewpoint? (Read more…)

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The Word of the Day Century is Revolution


Never in history has there been the opportunities for change like we have today. There’s a sense of global dissatisfaction with injustice, discrimination, poverty, and oppression, and there are the tools in place to give the once silent majority a voice. I can’t help but think, in addition to the many protests and movements of day, that one more overturn is needed—the overturn of the biggest lie of religious history. You can practically hear it rumbling and whistling down the tracks of time. It’s the sound of a Revolution! Read more…

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Confessions from a Cross-Dresser Convention


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for unique people and experiences. Add to that, I’m somewhat outgoing, uninhibited, and I love to learn why people do the things they do—all traits I’m thankful were bestowed upon me from birth. They make for many exciting opportunities and life experiences. Enter Cincinnati, Ohio, 1996, when I happened upon a perfect opportunity—an annual cross-dresser convention in my hotel. Find out the juicy details…

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God Bless You With Discomfort


A friend forwarded me these words from Michael Hyatt’s blog today, originating from a Franciscan benediction: May God bless you with discomfort…

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A Story From the Sea


Walking along the beach, my husband and I came to a pier. A pier is a happenin’ place for every beach-lovers appetite. There’s a place for the serious fishermen, the spectating diners, the thrill-seeking surfers, the beach enjoyers, and even the occasional curious (or hungry) shark. Find out what the beach dwellers taught me about my faith.

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The Super Hero Inside Little Me

The superhero in me.

When it comes to my inner life, I have more handicaps than a PGA championship golf course. It seems in many of the exact areas God wants to use me, I'm ironically flawed, insufficient, under-qualified. It's really hard not to focus on my limitations. For Pete's sake, I wonder. How is God ever going to accomplish anything glorious or God-sized through someone like me? Read more…

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