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Is God On Our Side?

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When Greg Mortenson went to Pakistan to climb K2, he never expected that his crushing failure to summit one mountain (he had to quit 600 meters before the top to rescue a co-climber) would result in the successful conquering of an even greater mountain. Find out about the man who has changed Pakistan, as well as what he can teach us about “who’s side God is on” in the religious battles waging in the world.

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10 Things I Hate About Christianity-A Book Review

I recently asked Jason Berggren if I could review his book, 10 Things I Hate About Christianity. You have to admit; the title is enough to make anyone curious. I had no idea what to expect. Find out what this book is about…

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Drop a Bomb and Help an Orphan

We need your help to DROP THE BOMB! Coming September 1, a BOMB of a vision is ready to drop around the world, impacting countless families and young people, but it can only be done together. Please help us reach the world!

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Get in on The Story: From Eternity to Here

Do you ever wonder why people are smitten by STORY? Humans are genetically coded to love a story. It runs in our blood. That's why you'll love this amazing new bestselling book by Frank Viola. It's like a heavenly love affair between two covers. Check it out! It's da bomb…

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