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The Word of the Day Century is Revolution


Never in history has there been the opportunities for change like we have today. There’s a sense of global dissatisfaction with injustice, discrimination, poverty, and oppression, and there are the tools in place to give the once silent majority a voice. I can’t help but think, in addition to the many protests and movements of day, that one more overturn is needed—the overturn of the biggest lie of religious history. You can practically hear it rumbling and whistling down the tracks of time. It’s the sound of a Revolution! Read more…

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Bin Laden: Rethinking the Victory Celebration


The reactions of many Christians to Bin Laden’s demise has been a bit shocking and a lot eye-opening for me. “Welcome to hell…rot in hell…forgive Bin Laden? No way in hell.” Do we realize what we are saying? Is this the statement we really want to make to the world?

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White Stones Inside


I first noticed them in the surf while searching for sand dollars and sea agate—the most unusual, black and white stones. As I began to collect these unique stones, I marveled over the thought that, no matter how broken, marred, or misshapen our lives, we are being remade into beautiful white stones. Read more…

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I’m A Total Screw Up

Derek Redmond|http://123nonstop.com/biography/Redmond,_Derek_%28I%29

Do you ever have those days where you feel like a total screw up? Like, who could love me, really? It’s hard enough to love myself. Well, I have those days often enough, and I sometimes think, aren’t I supposed to improve with age? Shouldn’t I see dramatic strides of progress in my character after all I’ve been through? Read the rest of this entry…

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I’m Thankful For the Hard Things

I'm so thankful that in the past few years, God has enabled me to see the difficult, oppositional circumstances of life as an opportunity to develop into an overcomer. Of course, if I'm going to allow (welcome) God to put me in training as an overcomer, I'm going to have to be willing to have things come into my life that need to be overcome…

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