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Waiting for Messiah You


“Imagine a world in which everyone understood that all of us were God…not one in which each person thought he or she was God alone—that would be disaster. But one in which the nonduality of Being was understood, in some form or fashion, by all human beings. This would be an entirely different world from one we now inhabit, free of the conflicts and crises, petty and grotesque, which fill our moment.” Come check out some intriguing thoughts about the long-awaited messianic age from a modern Jewish writer…

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The Sinless Lamb (Part IV)

Here's the Thing Blog|http://pastorjessen.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/the-glory-of-god-in-justification-october-12-2011/

Today our goal is to explore three Bible words/concepts that have been mistranslated and misconstrued, giving us a distorted sense of the real Jesus and what he also urged his followers to become. What can we learn about the sinlessness, righteousness, and perfection of Jesus that will give us new understanding? Come find out–you may be surprised.

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My Slippery Slide into Atheism

Charles Alan Long|http://charlesalanlong.com/?page_id=14

One of my atheist friends warned me that, once I started asking honest questions of my Bible, it was sure to be a slippery slope into agnosticism or atheism. He’s absolutely right! I’m way more agnostic about God and matters of faith than I’ve ever been. I’m also definitely atheistic about the god I used to know. For starters, my old god…

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Divine Fingerprints Declare Resurrection


Is there any out of the usual evidence for a bodily resurrection? Come check out the pictures stitched into the fabric of Scriptures and nature that I believe declare a complete restoration and renewal to all of creation!

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The Worldwide Earthquake of Revelation


Is there a coming worldwide earthquake? Is there a 7-year tribulation? Can Revelation be taken literally? Are we all going to die?? These and many other questions are addressed in this thought-provoking post so come check it out!

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The Lie in Religious Self-Denial


The call of the average Christian life is all about giving up and sacrificing one’s desires—often times our greatest desires and passions—to a bitter death on a cross with Jesus. It’s really pretty depressing, the thought of giving up what you love most…forever. It’s easy to see why so many Christians feel more like victims instead of victors. This used to be my story…

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