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How Can it Be Right When it Sounds So Wrong?

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What would happen if everything I thought was “wrong” was actually “right”? This is what happened to Neale Walsch in his book, Conversations with God. Come find out how Walsch was challenged and how it can challenge us all to find a truer, better perspective on all things faith.

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My Divided Self

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Do you ever struggle with loving others? Is it easier to judge, criticize, polarize, and reject than to overlook weaknesses, bless, and embrace? Do you ever feel like your heart is more like a block of wood than a living, feeling part of you? If so, find out what God recently revealed to me as a key to loving others. You might be surprised…

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No One Sees God…Or Me

It was hard finding God to pose with me for this picture but we worked it out.|

My atheist friend said something today in response to my blog that got me thinking (read more of his post). Is God really unseen in our world, or can we find tangible evidence of His expression? Is there a parallel we can draw from our own bodies? Let’s find out…

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My Slippery Slide into Atheism

Charles Alan Long|http://charlesalanlong.com/?page_id=14

One of my atheist friends warned me that, once I started asking honest questions of my Bible, it was sure to be a slippery slope into agnosticism or atheism. He’s absolutely right! I’m way more agnostic about God and matters of faith than I’ve ever been. I’m also definitely atheistic about the god I used to know. For starters, my old god…

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Why My Blog Has “Changed”


I often get letters from readers of my blog. Some of them are positive and encouraging, and some of them more like, “concerned.” I can totally understand. Come find out what a concerned reader recently wrote to me and my response…

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Allowing the Questions


For most of us worldwide who have come to the firm conclusion that God, like any loving parent, would never destroy or punish most of His own children forever, there is somewhat of a similar “formula” that we have gone through to arrive at this place. It goes something like this…

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