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My Divided Self

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Do you ever struggle with loving others? Is it easier to judge, criticize, polarize, and reject than to overlook weaknesses, bless, and embrace? Do you ever feel like your heart is more like a block of wood than a living, feeling part of you? If so, find out what God recently revealed to me as a key to loving others. You might be surprised…

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My Slippery Slide into Atheism

Charles Alan Long|http://charlesalanlong.com/?page_id=14

One of my atheist friends warned me that, once I started asking honest questions of my Bible, it was sure to be a slippery slope into agnosticism or atheism. He’s absolutely right! I’m way more agnostic about God and matters of faith than I’ve ever been. I’m also definitely atheistic about the god I used to know. For starters, my old god…

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Divine Fingerprints Declare Resurrection


Is there any out of the usual evidence for a bodily resurrection? Come check out the pictures stitched into the fabric of Scriptures and nature that I believe declare a complete restoration and renewal to all of creation!

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Pastor Suggests, “Jesus Died for Nothing”


If Jesus’s death will ultimately benefit everyone, does that cheapen grace? Was his death for nothing? Come find out…

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The Order of Death


Fall is a delicious, aromatic time of year. I love walking outside and drinking in the earthy combinations—the smell of moist, crunchy leaves under my feet, ripe apples wafting through the air, and wood smoke as my neighbors start up their cozy fireplaces for the winter. But there is always a part of fall that is sad to me. It is the part about death and the oncoming winter…

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Bin Laden: Rethinking the Victory Celebration


The reactions of many Christians to Bin Laden’s demise has been a bit shocking and a lot eye-opening for me. “Welcome to hell…rot in hell…forgive Bin Laden? No way in hell.” Do we realize what we are saying? Is this the statement we really want to make to the world?

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