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Making Friends with Atheists

Jeremy Witteveen, r25 Productions|http://r25productions.com/_/r25_productions.html

Though there are plenty of dangerous nice atheists we could befriend, today I’m talking about one in particular—Jeremy Witteveen. I met Jeremy last week when I got a Google alert in my inbox about one of my articles he “poked fun” at. Okay, it was really more like scoffing, but no need to get technical. Visit my blog to find out the most unusual outcome…

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Will We Be Remembered for Chasing Lions?

In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, I read the curious title of the book. Only a few pages into the book, I knew exactly why this book landed in my hands. It was put there. God is ready for me to recognize that the hard, scary, impossible parts of my life are the greatest opportunities for Him to get the glory in my life…

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A Story From the Sea


Walking along the beach, my husband and I came to a pier. A pier is a happenin’ place for every beach-lovers appetite. There’s a place for the serious fishermen, the spectating diners, the thrill-seeking surfers, the beach enjoyers, and even the occasional curious (or hungry) shark. Find out what the beach dwellers taught me about my faith.

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My Hero Bruno

I always love a new lesson from our furry friends. Before you jump to conclusions, "Fang the Leopard" does not get to be Satan in this story. And I definitely don't get to be "Bruno the mouse!" You see, this mouse is very special—he's my mentor. He is a brave soul who is not in the least intimidated or afraid of the hungry leopard breathing down his back. What can our friends teach us about the scary obstacles of life? Find out…

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