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King of War or Prince of Peace?

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Back in my church daze (pun intended), I used to serve the Jesus who was coming back to earth as a vengeful warrior, ready to strike down entire nations with a cold-blooded sword (Rev. 19). Such was his blood-thirsty pursuit, he even wore a robe dripping blood from his grizzly massacre of the masses. These days I’m getting reacquainted with a different (better!) Jesus. Come find out more about the real Jesus!

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Maybe God is a Gay Black Woman


Someone posted on my FB wall this week, “If God is fair, He will show up someday as a Gay Black Woman.” I’ve been thinking all week about what this man meant by such a provocative statement, and I’ve come to terms with the powerful message behind his words…

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I’m Sorry…


I recently came across this video by Cyndi McCoy. She’s a talented musician with a big heart for healing the wounds inflicted by religion.

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147,000,000 Orphans Spared from Hell


Are all those millions of orphans who have never heard about Jesus really going to hell? If that’s true, how come God never said to share the Gospel with them? How come all He said was to take care of them—feed them and defend their rights? If hell is real, isn’t that like patting them on the back before sending them to eternal flames? Read more…

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Bin Laden: Rethinking the Victory Celebration


The reactions of many Christians to Bin Laden’s demise has been a bit shocking and a lot eye-opening for me. “Welcome to hell…rot in hell…forgive Bin Laden? No way in hell.” Do we realize what we are saying? Is this the statement we really want to make to the world?

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Confessions from a Cross-Dresser Convention


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for unique people and experiences. Add to that, I’m somewhat outgoing, uninhibited, and I love to learn why people do the things they do—all traits I’m thankful were bestowed upon me from birth. They make for many exciting opportunities and life experiences. Enter Cincinnati, Ohio, 1996, when I happened upon a perfect opportunity—an annual cross-dresser convention in my hotel. Find out the juicy details…

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