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The Doctrine of Hell Breeds Arrogance


As I look back at my old self who once believed in hell, I realize how many terrible consequences such a false doctrine has had on me and even all of mankind. One such consequence is pride and arrogance. I can easily think of at least three important expressions of arrogance that arise from such a doctrine. Find out what they are…

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Following Jesus: An Out of Boat Experience


In discussing my biblical views with some Christians—especially the one about God saving all—I’m always a little surprised how tightly they cling to every jot and tittle they’ve been taught in church (many of them not even biblical), as if their church (or they themselves) can’t be wrong about anything. Even when you suggest a way of interpreting Scripture that makes a heck of a lot more sense, people don’t want to believe that there is any chance they are wrong, so they don’t even listen to valid or reasonable points I might bring up. I’ve thought a lot about why it’s so hard look at things through new lenses or to question what you’ve been taught. What is it that makes people either too afraid or too stubborn to look at things from a new viewpoint? (Read more…)

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Raising Hell Book Review Part 1

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Check out part 1 of this thought-provoking review of Raising Hell is by a woman I’ve never met from Orlando, Florida. She did an amazing job, including some of her own thought-provoking research, experiences, and thoughts as well. Read the review…

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147,000,000 Orphans Spared from Hell


Are all those millions of orphans who have never heard about Jesus really going to hell? If that’s true, how come God never said to share the Gospel with them? How come all He said was to take care of them—feed them and defend their rights? If hell is real, isn’t that like patting them on the back before sending them to eternal flames? Read more…

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Jesus Saves ALL…or He Saves None


Seriously, most of my life, I never noticed the prolific “ALL” verses scattered throughout the Bible. But there they are, shouting a message that, to me, cannot be denied. Either Jesus is the “Savior of the world” as He declares, saving ALL people as is repeated over and over, or He saves none (because He did not tell us the truth). Read more…

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Dancing and Liberated in the Wilderness


While it is good to learn from each other, as iron sharpens iron, don’t let anyone tell you that you must follow certain doctrines and dogmas in order to follow God, or that you must be “educated” before you can study the Scriptures for yourself. These things are a great deterrent to the beauties and mysteries God wants to reveal to you as you follow Him, dancing and liberated through the wilderness. Read more…

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