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What’s The Point Of All This?

Complex Child|

On those down days and stinky life circumstances, or when faced with those horribly confusing life questions, it’s tempting to ask why? What’s the point? But that’s like trying to make a judgment about a great novel in the first few pages, or like trying to decipher a fragment of an award winning photo or making sense of the first stanza of a grand symphony. Find out my recent thoughts in response to my husband’s melancholy moment of questioning…

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Did Earliest Church Leaders Teach the Salvation of All?

Did the earliest and most respected Church Fathers after Christ believe in hell…or did they believe in the ultimate restoration of all people in a purposeful and redemptive plan of future ages? Read more…

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Fun with Words-1: Church

Church Times UK|

When I was a little kid—okay, maybe a few years before I was born—the word “gay” meant happy. Many words since then have undergone metamorphosis, some even taking opposite meanings from what they once were:

* Bad. Bad used to mean bad, then it meant good, now it can go either way depending on context.
* Artificial. This originally meant ‘full of artistic or technical skill.’
* Awful. At one time, this meant “full of awe” in a wonderful, delightful way.
* Manufacture. From the Latin word meaning “to make by hand,” this originally signified things that were created by craftsmen.

Is it any wonder that many words in our Bibles are used in a way that does not convey the original meaning? For the next few entries, we’ll explore a few of these. Today’s word is “church.” Read more…

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Is God On Our Side?

Port Wall Paper|

When Greg Mortenson went to Pakistan to climb K2, he never expected that his crushing failure to summit one mountain (he had to quit 600 meters before the top to rescue a co-climber) would result in the successful conquering of an even greater mountain. Find out about the man who has changed Pakistan, as well as what he can teach us about “who’s side God is on” in the religious battles waging in the world.

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Jesus and Vitamin D


Have you ever noticed that people only get the dreaded flu in the winter? Have you ever asked why? Have you wondered if there is an effective alternative to the controversial (imo, cure is worse than the cause) flu shot? Find out a safe, proven-effective prevention to both the flu and the winter blues (and of course, a spiritual application)!

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Jesus…the Prototype for Mankind?

caption|Sunrise in Dominican Republic

WWJD. What would Jesus do? Simply put, this is a call for each of us to be “like Jesus” in this world. But could we really ever be like Jesus? The answer is, absolutely yes! Read this inspiring article!

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