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Being Jesus as Me (and You)


My Christmas gift to you. It’s finally time to uncover the glorious conclusion about our “Jesus as a regular Joe” series. What is this all about? What is the point I am trying to make in suggesting that Jesus might just be more one of us…or we might just be more “one of him”…than we once thought? I hope you’ll bask in the joy of the discovery of who you are.

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Maybe God is a Gay Black Woman


Someone posted on my FB wall this week, “If God is fair, He will show up someday as a Gay Black Woman.” I’ve been thinking all week about what this man meant by such a provocative statement, and I’ve come to terms with the powerful message behind his words…

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Why My Blog Has “Changed”


I often get letters from readers of my blog. Some of them are positive and encouraging, and some of them more like, “concerned.” I can totally understand. Come find out what a concerned reader recently wrote to me and my response…

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I’m Sorry…


I recently came across this video by Cyndi McCoy. She’s a talented musician with a big heart for healing the wounds inflicted by religion.

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Allowing the Questions


For most of us worldwide who have come to the firm conclusion that God, like any loving parent, would never destroy or punish most of His own children forever, there is somewhat of a similar “formula” that we have gone through to arrive at this place. It goes something like this…

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What God Wants…God Gets

A cool video and book review by Alice Spicer.

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