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“New world, new body, handsome King…I’m there! ”

Tell Me What You’re Living For. No, Really.


In my Internet travels, I come across many a God-revering individual who doesn’t believe in a bodily resurrection. That is, most of these folks do not believe in any kind of a conscious afterlife. I can’t help but think that people who are just fine with a few decades of human frailty and struggle before lights out, must have a freaking great Disney Life. Even at its best, life is full of hardships (in my experience). Is there any real evidence of of an afterlife or is that just wishful thinking? Come find out…

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Awesome #14: Home Stretch

caption|Eastern Montana highway.

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re coming home after a long journey? As soon as you get to those familiar landmarks, you feel the joyful anticipation building with every mile. I can’t help but feel that we are all in a more profound kind of home stretch, where all of creation is nearing it’s final renewal and resting place. It feels like it is not far down the road, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

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Awesome Things: 10. Summer at the Park

City of Pueblo|

Inspired by, I will be doing my own list of 25 awesome things for the rest of this month. Enjoy...

We live right across the street from a beautiful city park. At first I wasn’t sure about this arrangement because I wondered if we’d have “park overflow” in our yard. But you know, after almost two summer seasons in this house, I’ve made up my mind about this inspiring location. It’s a little preview of the Kingdom…

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Dandelions in Heaven?

It was a cross of magnitude proportions…one that utterly broke my heart and by far the biggest loss and the lowest of many low points of my life. But that very week, I had the dream. It was magical, and it changed my life, especially as I learned what "heaven" is really going to be like!

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Rewards for the Faithful Part 4

We have arrived at the last reward for the sacrificial, obedient followers of Jesus in the Millennial Kingdom. This one is my personal fav. This role is the object of passion, affection, pride, and joy. And the last reward is…

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Rewards for the Faithful-Priests (Pt. 3)

Today we are going to look at the next reward in the Kingdom. That is that we are going to be "priests!" Now to some of you, when I say, "priest," you suddenly see yourself in a collar sitting in a confessional booth all day. No, not that kind of priest…

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