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“Another day, another lesson of some kind. ”

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

In Search of Simplicity|

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately, and for good reason. Death is all around me, both in my work and in my personal life (and my thoughts!). While you and I cannot prevent death or loss, we can each make the lifelong journey of others a little less lonely, fearful, and devastating through the Hebrew notion of “tikkun olam.” Come find out what that means…

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Why My Blog Has “Changed”


I often get letters from readers of my blog. Some of them are positive and encouraging, and some of them more like, “concerned.” I can totally understand. Come find out what a concerned reader recently wrote to me and my response…

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Breaking the Ice

Ice Breaker

It hasn’t been easy for me, giving up blogging for the past three months. I mean, I’ve blogged regularly for years. It’s part of my identity. So what happened? It’s probably time for a little update…

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I Love Blogging But…


I used to blog every week, faithfully. What happened? Barring all excuses, the fact is, I feel that I have entered into a period of silence. And for me, silence means listening…

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Guarding Local Secrets


By the look on the face of the US Forest Service employee, you’d have thought we just demanded he hand over his firstborn. I swear, all we did was ask where to find huckleberries. But let me back up…

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Confessions from a Cross-Dresser Convention


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for unique people and experiences. Add to that, I’m somewhat outgoing, uninhibited, and I love to learn why people do the things they do—all traits I’m thankful were bestowed upon me from birth. They make for many exciting opportunities and life experiences. Enter Cincinnati, Ohio, 1996, when I happened upon a perfect opportunity—an annual cross-dresser convention in my hotel. Find out the juicy details…

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