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147,000,000 Orphans Spared from Hell


Are all those millions of orphans who have never heard about Jesus really going to hell? If that’s true, how come God never said to share the Gospel with them? How come all He said was to take care of them—feed them and defend their rights? If hell is real, isn’t that like patting them on the back before sending them to eternal flames? Read more…

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And The Skies Were Silent


If a person experiences some of the worst that life has to offer, and God is silent, how can they be expected to believe? It’s easy for those of us who have had relatively easy lives to believe, but much of the world lives in silent agony. Read more…

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See You Soon, Papa


While some of the world is now celebrating the annual Festival of Lights (Hanukah), many of the rest of us are grieving the loss of a great light in our lives and in our world. On December 4, 2010, a bright light and love faded from this earth when M.A. Thomas—Papa—died in his native India homeland. For those of you who know me, you know about Papa. For those of you who don’t, Papa was an adoptive father to more than 15,000 orphaned and abandoned children in India since beginning his work with orphans in the 70s. Read this tribute and please consider how you might help to continue his legacy this Christmas season…

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Special Love for a Cat in the Gutter of Life

Recently the eyes of sadness stared me down through the metal bars of the live trap on our back patio. We'd been having problems with this wild orange tabby. Find out what I observed about my faith through this encounter with a wild cat…

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Update on our Haiti Orphanage

Many of you have asked how our orphanage is doing in Haiti. I'm thankful to report that everyone is fine and that the quake did not damage our orphanage. However, if you are wondering where to donate to help assist those devastated by this catastrophe, Hopegivers is an excellent option. Here's what they are doing in both the short term and the long term for aid…

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Orphans in our Own Backyard

This past week my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Tough Ministries Conference in The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston). I can't say enough for the speakers we were privileged to hear. Each had an amazing testimony of overcoming and rising to amazing levels of influence and change in the world around them. Check out their stories!

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