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25 Favorite Things About My Oregon Coast Trip (Part 1)

This past week I went on an awesome road trip with my daughter, Jessica. Jessi just got her driver's permit and I decided this might be a good opportunity for her to get some driving experience. Here are some zany (and favorite) memories from the road…

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Kung Fu Mouse

“Eeek! Squeeeeeeeekkk! Hi-yah! Woo-eee-wah!!” I rounded the corner of my house to see a furry little version of “Jackie Chan” trying to pull a karate move on my big ferocious black cat, Pepe. With his little hands up in the air karate chop style, and his legs slightly spread apart for balance, the bravest little mouse I’d ever seen was ready for action! Find out what happened to little Jackie…

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No More Carpet Fibers in My Teeth

I finally have to admit it; my cat, Pepe, really is stupid. My husband has tried to convince me of this for years. But as one of Pepe's greatest fans, I have always retracted my claws, if necessary, to defend him. But now I think I must concede, because I've realized that, just like Pepe, I tend to fall for the same old false hopes and beguiling illusions…

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Our Cats Found Us A Home

It was while looking for a home for our cats, that our cats actually found us a home. And that just started a long chain of events that were all amazing answers to prayer…

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Happy New Year from the FerWEIRDos

Happy New Year from one Weird family (pictures included).

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Of Moving, Cats, & Naps

You can really learn a lot from your cats. When the day came for the big cat move recently, we loaded them up into a carrier, and stuck them in the car. They cried all the way to their new home about 45 minutes away. And I thought, isn't this just what it's like with God? He makes these changes in our lives, and He can't explain what is going on because we wouldn't understand…

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