What God Wants…God Gets

Here’s a cool video by Alice Spicer. Hope you enjoy.

Be sure to check out her review of Raising Hell on her blog, What God Does.

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  • The Internet belongs to God! I love it! So true!

  • Damian Masters

    You radical!!!! Love it. I just got finished reading a story about the number of churches closing in my area. It is sad that they don't know why. love your book so far, you cover a lot more than hell.
    Rob Bell must have touched a few nerves I herd Ravi Zacharious being interviewed about his book about spirituallity, the whole fake interview was just an excuse to bad mouth Rob Bells book. I haven't read it but from what he said it must have a lot of truth in it.
    Have you made the big time yet where they brand you as a heritic? Keep up the good writing.

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