I’m A Total Screw Up

2010/08/Derek-Redmond-Barcelona-1-001.jpg Photo ©Copyright/Courtesty of Derek Redmond

Do you ever have those days where you feel like a total screw up? Like, who could love me, really? It’s hard enough to love myself. Well, I have those days often enough, and I sometimes think, aren’t I supposed to improve with age? Shouldn’t I see dramatic strides of progress in my character after all I’ve been through?

Sigh. Maybe progress in character is one of those things that we don’t necessarily see in ourselves, I don’t know. But I do know that sometimes I feel hamstringed by life, by my attitudes, by my inability to be the person I want to be—the person Jesus is trying to make me into. I so want to get closer to being that person, but then something comes along and I react like a jerk, or I handle it badly, or I say something completely stupid.

I came across this video this week about Derek Redmond. He was picked as the favorite of the 1992 Olympics in the 400-meter dash, but the unexpected happened. I won’t ruin the story of it, but I saw myself.

Derek’s story will remind me in those shaky moments of a few timeless truths:

  • Regardless of how much my character has grown for the better through discipline and training, I am prone to injury and falling.
  • I will never be alone. My Father will scale any obstacle to escort me across the finish. He is more likely to show up when I cannot do it alone.
  • I will still be regarded as a winner if I pick myself up and finish, working through the pain.
  • It is those who overcome who are remembered even more than those who had it easy or achieved great success. They are remembered as the heroes.

This week, I will dwell on these truths, and I will do my best to overcome my weakness in His strength. Will you join me?

What is your favorite story of verse of overcoming?

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